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About Dental on Location onsite dentistry

It’s simple. We bring corporate dental services to your workplace and offer dental reimbursement plans. Dental on Location makes oral hygiene easy and affordable for your employees. Our professional, highly-experienced dentists and hygienists provide the latest in technology with a full range of procedures including exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, and whitening all within a few steps of your office. Even better, you’ll actually lower your expenses and your employees will get the care they need with our exclusive onsite dental care.

We are currently providing onsite dentistry throughout Utah, in Salt Lake City, Sandy, South Jordan, Provo, Lehi, Layton, Ogden, and Bountiful.

DELIVERY MODELS for the services provided

Fixed dental clinic – A traditional fixed-site practice can be designed and built by our team to complement existing health care clinic design. Clinic practice models are ideal for established clients interested in enhancing health centers and facilities onsite. All services are provided in this model.

Mobile dental clinic with dentist/hygienist – In a Mobile model, high quality dental equipment is brought into an existing medical clinic or other available space. Mobile models are ideal for smaller businesses that have limited space but still want to give their employees convenient access to dental care. All services are provided in this model.

Mobile dental clinic with hygiene only – In this Mobile model, just the hygiene team would visit the site on a regular basis. Mobile equipment is brought on location with the team to provide the necessary care.

Dental Reimbursement Benefit

We can customize a plan and manage this benefit for your group. Contact us for more information!

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Enhance Employee Benefits:

Take a step beyond traditional insurance and give your employees a new way to experience preventative dental care with lower costs. Our onsite dental services are typically 15% less than local dental practices. Relax while we take care of all appointments, billing, payments, and customer service.

Increase Employee Productivity:

We make it easy to incorporate employee dental benefits with exceptional dental care — onsite! When overlooked, oral health can significantly contribute to chronic health problems. Preventative treatment and early detection will keep your employees healthy and productive at work.

Embrace Health & Wellness:

Employees seek companies offering exceptional employee benefits. With our corporate dental services, you’ll improve your company’s appeal to the best candidates and more effectively retain your most essential new hires. We’ll help meet your company health goals and even treat your employees to free screenings and provide customer service after business hours.

Meet Our Staff

We make your comfort and satisfaction our highest priority. All of our staff strive to make our visit to you the absolute best it can be. When we come to you, whether for a cleaning or to place a new crown, we work hard to make sure your smile is bright and happy!

Enjoy the Benefits of Using Dental on Location

It’s our job to add to the health and wellbeing of your employees. By offering mobile dental services at your location as part of your benefits package, your employees will spend less time outside work at dentist appointments and appreciate the steps you are taking to make their lives better.

Valued Employee Benefit

Stay ahead of your competition by offering this unique and innovative benefit. Your recruits and established employees will love you for it.

Lower Than Local Prices

Our services typically cost 15% less than local dentists. Your employees save money while enjoying better health and happier smiles.

Easy Payment Options

We offer several different payment options, including payroll deductions and low-cost financing, to make your employees’ dental experience as painless as possible.

A Painless Partnership

We partner with you to create an on location dental practice that functions independently. We handle everything: equipment, appointments, billing, and customer service. We work directly with your benefits or insurance program for seamless services.

Increased Healthy Initiatives

Quality dental care is a cornerstone to any company health initiative. Along with your other programs, we can provide free screenings at wellness fairs or answer questions during or after hours.

Less Time Wasted

Preventative and routine dental care prevent time wasted treating chronic dental problems by treating the source before the big problems happen. Your employees will be on the job longer and you’ll pay less overall for your employees’ health care.

Dental Reimbursement Benefit

We can customize a plan and manage this benefit for your group. Contact us for more information.

We tailor patient care to company culture and the personal preferences of your employees.

We deliver state of the art care by highly trained, experienced and professional staff.

We integrate the best available research and equipment in to the treatment process.


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